SuperPro On the Go 5.0A

SuperPro On the Go 5.0A

SuperPro On the Go is designed to be a complete contact management...

SuperPro On the Go is designed to be a complete contact management solution for business to business sales. A contact management system that allows for an unlimited number of contacts per customer, in one centralized location.

SuperPro On the Go is integrated into QuickBooks accounting programs allowing you to update your accounting program from your database. Correspondence templates for pre-merged business letter, proposals, and estimates.

Includes a label generator and the ability to fax or e-mail from within the program. The Appointment Setter is a daily calendar for appointments and important daily to do tasks.

The appointment Setter comes pre-loaded with all major holidays and can be updated for your own special days or anniversaries. The Appointment Setter allows you to look at your appointments by the day or by the week.

You can easily tab from month to month or year to year. Expense Report system allow you to review individual reports or year-to-date totals for an employee or for the entire company.

An attractively designed personal stationery that features our custom designer envelope for your use and enjoyment. A personal contacts database provides merged correspondences for business or personal use.

SuperPro? s File Transfer System enables integration of flat CSV files into the software to produce relational functions within the program. Allows you to transfer new order, update contact notes and company information, send correspondences and expense reports.

Will create new company records with contacts for new customers.

SuperPro On the Go 5.0A


SuperPro On the Go 5.0A